Im playing around with Microsoft’s Language Understanding Intelligent Service (LUIS), LUIS is a way to add language understanding to applicatons. Follow me for an example.

I am myself not familiar with the terminology yet so if there are any words described that you do not understand, don’t ask me beacuse I probably dont understand them either! Im probably gonna steal most of the information from Microsoft’s tutorial. If you wanna try yourself, here is the link

The first step to using LUIS is to create an application. In the application, you will bundle together the intents and entities that are important to your task. Let’s take the example of a news-browsing application. Two intents relevant to this domain are ”FindNews” and ”SendTo,” to share stories with friends. Two entities that are important are ”Topic” and ”Recipient.” When a user interacts with the system, once we have identified the intent and entity, we can take an appropriate action. Let’s go through the steps of creating the application.

Click on ”My Applications” and then the ”New Application” button to create a new application. In the dialog box, name it ”NewsChat”. Check that the application culture is set to English. Then click ”Add App”. This will create the application and take you to the LUIS Application Editor: