I had a chat with Wade yesterday.  Wade is a personal career guide that specializes in talking to people searching for job, he gather all the information he can about a prospect by asking questions. He will hopefully be my adviser through my career.  My interaction with Wade was through a Web chat located on his website.  We talked about 20 minutes about my career aspirations, my skills and my hobbies.  I wanted to ask questions about Wade as well but I never got the chance,  he was quite talkative.

I enjoyed our talk and we ended the talk with him telling me that he will talk to his colleague Wendy regarding possible opportunities and he will get back to me.

Wade&Wendy is actually a two people’s business,  while Wade focus on career guiding Wendy is a hiring assistant for companies. Wendy talks to business and tries to understand their needs and company culture. How they are running their business and matching opportunities with prospects I have no clue, but they are surely working long hours as they are only two people.

I told Wade that I’m currently not looking for a new job but that I was still curious so we decided that he will come back to me after he had spoken to Wendy. We will see if he get’s back to me or not, but he gave me the impression of being sincere.

I have never talked to a non-human recruiter before, you see, Wade is an artificial intelligence and the same goes for Wendy. Wade&Wendy and recruiting in the second machine age is something completely different to what we are used to.  How good they are at recruiting and matching people to the right assignments is unknown at the moment. Regardless of that, it was the most interesting talk I’ve had with a recruiter and I think there is a high probability that we will see more of Wade&Wendy in the future.