Lifelong positions at one company belongs to the past. The so called gig-economy and the cultural change brings with it a growth in freelancing,  part time jobs and short termism.

The technological change that is sweeping through our societies makes it much harder to anticipate what job skills will be in demand even in the near time future. Math and computing is still a good bet as shown in the graph from World Economic Forum

One skill that will be of major importance is ”learnability” , an urge to always wanting to learn new things will be key for both employees and employers. Even though we can’t anticipate the skills needed we can always make sure we have the right mindset to thrive in our fast changing world. Employers will also have to incorporate learning opportunities into their companies in order to attract the best employees.

My own opinion is that learning have to be performed on an day to day basis and should be part of company culture.

Read more in the report from World Economic Forum, follow the link